Welcome to the Project Tracking Workspace

We are working to bring you a web site where you can follow up the evolution of our developed apps and we we can improve ourselves. Feel free to tell us your opinion, wishes and advices to develop new apps. Apps developed by TraperWare will not make us rich but they were developed having in mind our needs, and we belive they can cover your needs too. 

Project at a Glance:

At the moment, we only can talk about one project and we are trying to update and improve it taking your feedback into account.
  • Droid Rising 2, when you reach a maintenance room you don't know what combo weapon to build, you feel lazy and you don't want to switch on the PC or look for a guide into the web which weapon you would build.

Project Objectives

The development of this kind of apps that you and us always have needed but nobody has tried to do it.
  • We will include new weapons from DR2: Off the record and DR2: Case West.
  • You can look for a weapon, using the source object.
  • Location of hidden combo cards.

Recent List Items

TitleStatusPriority% Complete
Add greater resolution images. 1.) Active 3.) High 20% 
Add combo card location. 1.) Active 3.) High 50% 
Add "Off the record" and "Case West" new combo cards. 2.) On-Hold 1.) Low 0% 
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Rolling Updates

  • TraperWare site is taking form We are doing our best to give you information about our apps.
    Posted Jun 28, 2012, 4:40 AM by Emilio Ignacio Galván Paniagua
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